I remember in 6th grade we were doing a poetry unit and a guy plagiarized What I Got by Sublime and the elderly teacher said it was the best poem in the class


hey. it’s tuesday. you should ask me things. because it’s a thing to do. anon is on if that’s your jam. 


I was tag by yetiinmypocket for the “post 6 pictures of yourself” challenge.

And yeah, here is my face. I think one of the things I like about myself is that I can take really REALLY stupid pictures of myself and I dont care how I look. (Also, I love my hair)

ANYWAY, three other people I tag to do this areeeee weepingangelintheimpala, nearlynarcoleptic andddddddd officialjello (Of course, if you want to!!!!) 

Alright, I was tagged in the six picture challenge or whatever by my lovely friend, Savannah (theorphanclone). 

Some of these are decently old and not the best quality but I like them nonetheless. Also, please excuse the fact that I make the same face in just about every photo.

I’ll tag any one of my followers to do it but especially cinco-de-rnayo, hiddleskittles, jessthatawesome, and meeshybee. Only if you guys want to of course.


art meme: 3/? colors: rose

Frederic Leighton - Elijah in the Wilderness; Alphonse Mucha - Rose; John Singer-Sargent - Mrs Carl Meyer and her ChildrenFrançois-Hubert Drouais - Portrait de Femme; François-Hubert Drouais - Madame du BarryAnton Raphael Mengs - Maria Luisa of Parma; Edgar Degas - The Pink Dancer; Edward Robert Hughes - Juliette Gordon Low; Gustave Jean Jaquet - Portrait of a Lady

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"you’ll stop liking someone just because they agreed with something transphobic?"



[glasses cleaning intensifies]

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82; helena requested by drogonqueen


youre gonna look so godamn cool

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